I Need to Get Something Off My Chest…

I need to get something off my chest here… My uncle in a previous status so eloquently stated “Assholes are like opinions, they are everywhere!” It’s true… You should not let them get to you.

In these days where everyone gets emotionally offended so easy and butt hurt. When everyone is talking about verbal bullying and feeling emotionally oppressed. I think we are forgetting something fundamental, those feelings are ours to control. Have we become so weak that we can not get past the sting of words and move on? Yes they hurt I agree and have been on the receiving end of such events. Hell it happened yesterday. But I went to my room mediated on it, prayed… watched some Archer, vented to Theo Lala Simon watched some Hot Rod show with my dad then went to snore land. Now I am awake with some coffee eating breakfast with Pickles and feel amazing!

Why? Cuz in the end it does not matter… These “Assholes” are doing things that show their insecurities and inability to get things done. Lashing out to you with words and actions to try to make you feel hopeless! Friends things are never hopeless. They may be extremely tough, bad and dark. But with patience some hard work and never losing your head and hope there is always a way to climb out. Trust me on this one, in every shitty situation there is a silver lining…

It’s okay to feel the sting of words, and take a moment to let them pass. It’s even okay to a pause if you had to defend yourself if things got violent. We have emotions and they are here to help us if we let them. We can’t let them control us though. Once we let them pass we need to move on. Even if there is a touch of fear… We can’t let the “Assholes” get what they want… If they are offensive to you, be offended! But don’t try to control them like they just tried to control you… Let karma do her job. Don’t do it for her. I assure you she is a professional!

To quote another great man… “You’re offended. Whoop-de-doo! Go talk to someone else. People will figure out he is a jerk and leave him alone soon.” – My Dad



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