Changes Ahead…

It is time for some updates here now that I have reached the end of phase 1 of my business overhaul. As some of you know, big changes in my personal and work life may be looming ahead. If so this will affect phase two very little other than making it move faster… If these changes happen as I suspect they will. RRAM will be even cooler than imagined and The AYMERICH Show… will still be around! Some things will be changing but not for the negative! Actually it will be more like you, the fans, have been asking for… SO to soften some of these rumors, the show is staying, I assure you of that! Just with some changes… RRAM is exploding! As for everything else… Who knows lol!


Before I close this message I do want to thank all of you who follow and listen to me… I did not expect this type of growth and following. It happened fast and you all are very AMAZING and loyal! I was ignorant that all of you were here! Again thank you, without every single one of you this show would not be as fun as it is to produce and transmit. I hope that these up coming changes just make the show that much more fun for all of you! I know it will for me… I wish I could tell you all what is in the works, but that is not allowed till it is committed on and official. Till then big or small it will be fun! Thank you all!!! See you next wed LIVE!! Till then listen to some of the best ROCK MUSIC in the world on “The Ultimate Rock Radio Station” – Rolling Stone

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