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As many of you noticed, the latest episodes of The AYMERICH Show have not been updated as podcasts. If you have been listening to the live episodes you would have heard me mention that starting in May only the main (Featured) parts of each live three hour episode will be posted as podcasts between 45min to 60min… All music will be removed unless part of the segment… I know that many of you are upset about this but sadly the activity on the servers do show enough activity to keep the full episodes up. Editing the shows to bite size podcasts keeps the servers clean and also a bit more comfortable to listen at work and on the road.


So what is going to happen? Well I honestly believe this is going to be something that you all will enjoy much more, it will make The AYMERICH Show a better experience… I will start with the bad news…

  1. All of the older full episodes will be removed from the servers by 4/20/2017… So if you want them in your collection I recommend that you download and save them now… I promise they will not disappear and from time to time they will be replayed and come back on the air. The featured segments and guests will be edited to podcasts from those episodes and will be available for downloads ASAP.
  2. All NEW episodes will be replayed in all of their 3 hour glory on Wednesdays 12pm! So you can listen to the full episodes with the music intact for your Wednesday taco or coffee lunch
  3. NEW made just for podcast episodes will be created and air for all of you to enjoy! While we are at special events or just being sill somewhere Christina and Will, will pic up a video camera or DVR and record something that will be available only on podcast! SO make sure to subscribe and get the downloads as they are available!
  4. VIDEO PODCASTS for the past couple of months these two crazy kids have been videoing pretty much almost everything they do… Well they now have a YouTube channel where you can subscribe and watch their silly moments. So far they have been uploading everything from the past year including some of their behind the scene moments from Facebook Live! So please go Subscribe! I assure you it will be more fun than waiting for a giraffe to give birth!

Those are the main points that have been changed and improved upon. The show will still be about the thins that matter the most to Will and Christina. The Environment, Clean Food, Great Music and Bands, The Paranormal, MOVIES & Comics… As well and any other things that pops in our big heads.

Photo Mar 31, 7 19 56 PM

As always thank you for listening! We could not have a good show without any of you! Okay off to get coffee!!! Love you all!

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