RRAM Presents -The AYMERICH Show: A Conversation With The Dead Explorer

Today Christina and Will have a conversation with The Dead Explorer himself Alejandro Dominguez is a paranormal investigator and filmmaker known as the Dead Explorer. He had his first encounter with the paranormal as a child when he saw a ghost in his grandparent’s home in Mexico. Now he travels across the country to document real paranormal activity on video. Over the last five years Alejandro has worked with dozens of investigators passionate about the paranormal. People love his videos because they are authentic and real. Alejandro doesn’t fake evidence, use cheap thrills, and rely on trendy gimmicks. Instead his fans get to see real life paranormal investigators ghost hunting in some of the scariest haunted places.

The Dead Explorer  weekly web series for those who love ALL things paranormal. Producer-Director & Host Alejandro Dominguez travels across the country investigating for real paranormal activity. He is the Dead Explorer! Check Out Season 6 HERE



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