RRAM Presents – The AYMERICH Show: The DARKSIDE Vrillon

Before The AYMERICH Show… There was DARKSIDE Radio. Recently many of these episodes have been re-edited for The AYMERICH Show but many of you have been asking for two episodes to be re-aired in their original form. Sadly we can not do that for the live shows or podcasts due to copyright issues, but we can do them as a special podcast post on our website! So please share this on your social media and spread the word to your friends so they can go back to the past with this little Gem.

Here it is! The paranormal entertainment podcast by Will Aymerich (Host of The AYMERICH Show on RockRadioandMore.com) and his cast of crazy professional paranormal investigators from THE DARKSIDE Syndicate… Listen as they give their advice and opinions about popular topics in the paranormal. Or open the door to new interesting topics and guests you may have never heard or known of. Nothing is sacred on THE DARKSIDE… so grab a beer, coffee, wine and sit back and get ready to be entertained!

We decided to let Bruce off his leash and travel as far down the rabbit hole as we could… The man takes on a long journey and really digs deep on the message. As well as the meaning of the name Vrillon and it’s possible history with Nazi Germany… Kat and I keep up as best as we can… This is a long and good Lunchtime listen…


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