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Always feel welcome to join us for Church where you will always find Will & Christina Playing the best ROCK, Talking with the coolest guests in the Paranormal Field and Film (Horror and Kung Fu) . With the help of Kathryn Grant, Bruce Mangan, Shannon Byers and Josh Plock, they get deep in to some of the latest stories and technology in the field of paranormal and anomalistic investigations… These ministers are all the real deal and make sure you get the whole honest picture from all sides….

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Will Aymerich is The Founder of The Southern Church of Vinyl, Comicbook Fan, Co-author of the book “Souls of Norcross”, and founder of The DARKSIDE SYNDICATE a popular paranormal investigation team out of Atlanta, GA as well as a Soccer, Taco, Coffee & Bacon addict… With more than 25 years investigating and 100+ cases under his belt, Will has seen both the dark and positive side of the paranormal field. ▲

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