ATL Radio X , The X is a radio station committed to giving you world class rock and the best art and handcrafted home decor to express the adult rock lifestyle. We are honored to do this for you. We grew up in the time of this amazing music and unique style in the 80’s and 90’s and as adults enjoy stepping back to those days but also expressing the evolution of that style today. The X is not just a radio station  but a lifestyle of art and expression.

To give a little back story… The X started in the early 00’s with playing the music that we loved blasting out of the cars and homes along the streets of ATL around the 80’s to 00’s. In time all those unique styles of rock music we were hearing around us, began to define the ATL style, it took over our souls. Tunes that are from a wide variety of sub-genres, bands, & artists that are blended together to give you that special southern fried groove!

We noticed that the ingredients (The music & styles) were more than just southern style rock and rap, much more, they are actually all styles of music and artists from around the world making a unique blend of amazing sounds and fun. It’s a pure diversity of musical art almost never heard together! So we decided to share it with you in all its boozy rich full glory. This is a special blend of rock music from the 50’s to NOW! People tell us that they never heard a mix of rock like this. But for us it’s the songs that we always heard pumping from speakers while walking, partying and riding these beautiful streets of Atlanta. And we still do…

Still we are more than the music we play. At The X we also love investigating and talking about the paranormal (Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot etc…) , Horror movies , Food and Creating and sharing our Art (Fine Art Photography, Books & Paintings) and Handcrafted Home Decor items (Scented Candles, Wax melts, Soaps etc..). So you to can share and experience in a small way the fun we enjoy here together. The world is now in a dark and stressful place now and we just want to make it as fun and relaxing as possible for all of us.

We put a lot of work in to The X. The tunes are curated by Jesse Tamez and Will Aymerich from strictly Tapes, CDs & Vinyl! Programmed by Christina Kieffer and Will Aymerich book-ended with some amazing talk that you can also download as podcasts about your favorite subjects (Paranormal, Science and Bad Horror Cinema)! The Art is Created By Christina Kieffer (Paintings, Stickers, Logos) & Will Aymerich (Fine Art Photography, Home Decor, Candles, Soaps) Go Listen To Us Now!! ATL Radio X – WTNA – Atlanta ▲