The K & A Show: Monoliths & Coffee

Todays episode is all about two things! What the hell happened to all those monoliths from the end of last year. Most importantly a new coffee found by Christina at a local coffeehouse.

The K & A Show: The Hatman

Christina and Will sit down to discuss better said touch on a new topic on their radar The Hatman. They also get you up to date what is going on with some of their more recent investigations that have been talked about on TikTok recently. Get a wine or coffee sit back and learn. but…

The K & Å Show: The Joker, Bigfoot & Natural Gas

Christina and Will sit back with some coffee tonight and discuss some major issue on their minds. People who idolize The Joker and Harley Quinn. A traffic camera that may have captured the elusive Bigfoot and the truth about the wonderful and safe natural gas. All while Chiristina battles her allergies! 

The K & Å Show: TikTok UFO Video Rant

Christina & Will Discuss a new UFO video circulating on TikTok, is it real? Look at the video Below! Listen to what they have to say about it. Also they can’t keep their mouth shut about the Gorilla glue challenge. They also do some catching up about things happening in their lives right now. Give…

WTF Did I Just Watch? Creature From The Black Lagoon

Josh and Will change things up and tackle this classic! One that is beloved by man horror fans because of its spectacular use of 3D imagery especially in Black and White. They touch only the surface of this film so as not to spoil it for you if you have never seen it.

The K & Å Show: Smoked Coffee, Mulan, UFOs and Horror

Christina and Will get down to the nitty gritty about absolutely nothing again! Today they talk about the joys of Smoked Coffee, Review Live Action Mulan Film, Have an open discussion about how stupid the Israel UFO announcement truly is and finally a heated discussion about horror movies! You got it! Another train wreck which…

K & A: Cryptids, Mothman and Bigfoot

William and Christina talk about Cryptids in US, specifically Mothman and Bigfoot. Did you know that Mothman sightings are going on in Chicago right now? Good Stuff From Dragon*Con 2020 Dragoncon Goes Virtual

The K & Å Show: Catching Up

Christina and Will Are STILL locked up in each others homes and can’t shut up! They are still rambling on about COVID-19, wearing masks in public and some damn thing about giving out stickers to the public. On top of this they are also talking about UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch and selling their artwork online! Something…