The K & Å Show: The Joker, Bigfoot & Natural Gas

Christina and Will sit back with some coffee tonight and discuss some major issue on their minds. People who idolize The Joker and Harley Quinn. A traffic camera that may have captured the elusive Bigfoot and the truth about the wonderful and safe natural gas. All while Chiristina battles her allergies! 

The Bleeding House Pt. 2

Will & Jesse share some more information about the house. Specifically the issue about blood dissolving in the water making it look like there was a lot more blood on the floor than there actually was.

The K & Å Show: TikTok UFO Video Rant

Christina & Will Discuss a new UFO video circulating on TikTok, is it real? Look at the video Below! Listen to what they have to say about it. Also they can’t keep their mouth shut about the Gorilla glue challenge. They also do some catching up about things happening in their lives right now. Give…

The Tanning Bed Murders

In Nashville Christina has been on the hunt for a killer of an unsolved crime. As always stay tuned and keep your eyes open for more information and complete episodes coming soon!

The Bleeding House

Earlier this year Jesse Tamez and Will Aymerich have been on an investigation about a home that may bleeding from the walls! Here is a tease of what is coming up! Stay Tuned and keep your eyes open for more information!

The Demonic Stench

Some years ago Christina and Will went on an investigation in TN. On their way back home they stopped for a rest and came upon a strange demonic stench. This video is the whole event. It is long but well worth the watch. But if you can’t wait go to 42 minutes on the video…

William Hope Spirit Photographer

William Hope, a premiere pioneer of spirit photography, took this photo of a couple and an alleged female spirit around 1920. Hope was hugely in demand as a medium: families wanting to get in touch with their deceased loved ones sat for his photographs. William Hope. Born in 1863, Hope started his working life as…

WTF Did I Just Watch? Creature From The Black Lagoon

Josh and Will change things up and tackle this classic! One that is beloved by man horror fans because of its spectacular use of 3D imagery especially in Black and White. They touch only the surface of this film so as not to spoil it for you if you have never seen it.

WTF Did I Just Watch? Silent Night Deadly Night

You asked for it! Josh and Will are Back With Their Crazy Movie Reviews and as a Holiday Gift They Cranked Out A Classic!! Silent Night Deadly Night! ENJOY!  It has been a long time since they reviewed a film for all of you. So They decided to blow off the dust and give you…