Investigation: Hales Bar Dam 11/4/2017

Host of The AYMERICH Show, Will Aymerich and Co-Host Christina Kieffer along with Joe Vitale, Dale Bearden, Jeff Holder, Vickie Holder and Alejandro Dominguez from The YouTube Channel, Dead Explorer investigate Hales Bar Dam. Enjoy the images and and the video!! BUY WILL’s  BOOK Souls of Norcross

BREAKING NEWS… Podcast Information

As many of you noticed, the latest episodes of The AYMERICH Show have not been updated as podcasts. If you have been listening to the live episodes you would have heard me mention that starting in May only the main (Featured) parts of each live three hour episode will be posted as podcasts between 45min…

Christina & Will At the Candy Store

While in Savannah, GA Christina and Will raid the candy store for pralines, pop rocks and chocolate covered bacon!! Yeah! It’s one of those days when life is just that GOOD!!!