The Levi Frady Case

Christina and the team start going down the rabbit hole on the Levi Frady case which happened more than 20 years ago in Dawsonville, GA. We don’t know what we will uncover. Here are the clips and teases from FPI @fpijustice ##LIVE Footage won’t see anywhere else ##Murder ##Mystery ##fyp ##foryou ##truecrime ##scaryfacts ##murderminute ##story…

The Bleeding House Pt. 2

Will & Jesse share some more information about the house. Specifically the issue about blood dissolving in the water making it look like there was a lot more blood on the floor than there actually was.

The Tanning Bed Murders

In Nashville Christina has been on the hunt for a killer of an unsolved crime. As always stay tuned and keep your eyes open for more information and complete episodes coming soon!

The Bleeding House

Earlier this year Jesse Tamez and Will Aymerich have been on an investigation about a home that may bleeding from the walls! Here is a tease of what is coming up! Stay Tuned and keep your eyes open for more information!

The K & Å Show: Endgame

Okay to spare everyone the stress, there is nothing on this podcast about Avengers Endgame. Well almost nothing. In it Christina and Will talk about a ton of things, mention Endgame and then wheel in to The Black Dahlia. They also talk about the lost Bram Stoker version of Dracula as well about people who…