The Parsonage/Rectory Investigation 2009 – EVPs

On a cool fall day in 2008 in Norcross, GA, gazing up at a slightly unkempt hillside, I came upon a building that grasped my attention. It was a normal size old style white home whose construction first started in the 1800’s but completed in the late 1950’s. A year later I ended up working the city of Norcross, GA and the reason for it grasping my attention became very clear. The stories of the sounds and noises employees heard while trying to work came to me and my interest in the location was now fully peaked! I began to ask permission to stay overnight in there and check it out. But I was shut down often. Then one day my boss had to store things in there on his own and it all changed… In 2009 my team DARKSIDE Syndicate… (At the time called Norcross Paranormal) used to conduct the Norcross Ghost Tour with Kim Brame, we would end the tour at the parsonage which was abandoned. The guest of the tour would bring some of their own paranormal investigation equipment like the ones they would see on their favorite TV shows, and we would guide them on a small investigation of the location and show them how to use their tools. The parsonage at the time was known for having some paranormal activity at the time, but nothing major or tangible that we could trace back in history. Then came the Halloween tour where we got an EVP with the name “Annalisa”… The video attached is about the day and the event…

Oddly, after that day the activity became more prominent and the team began to get more information that was able to be validated more and more historically. Sally Toole and I began to document these claims as well as others from the investigations in town. Amazingly most of these were able to be connected with many events in history. The video does not show all of these claims because we did not have the cameras rolling all of the time.

The parsonage is now no longer abandoned it has been remodeled and used for art exhibits and events by the City of Norcross, GA. They changed the name of the location to The Rectory since my last full investigation of the location back in 2011, activity has still been reported but not to the levels of when we investigated the location.


In 2014 team member Kat Grant and I were allowed to return for a small limited investigation. Nothing was collected on our electronic equipment but we did have some small personal experiences like footsteps on the stairs and a large object moving in the kitchen. Maybe the spirits remembered us and just wanted to show us they were still here. Maybe one day we can return and pay a visit like in the old days.

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