Is This a Ghost?

Many pictures like this have been circulating around the net as of late. They are usually claiming to be of paranormal nature… This one is from 1975: The Worstead Church in Norfolk… Taken by Peter Berthelot… This image has had my attention for a long while now. A part of me wants this image to be real… I mean REALLY want to believe it. But as the rule goes when in doubt rule it out. The reason there is doubt is the following…

  1. The image was taken on film, the grain pattern shows to me high speed film.
  2. There is light focus and not sharp focus on all subjects.
  3. This is a tight shot and not wide so I can not see if there are light sources aimed to the figure to on the second pew. But from what I can tell there is light bleed on the subject and it is reflecting on the wood of the pew.

In my opinion, this is a blow out. because of the high speed of the film the light is bright but a light source hit the person in the second row and since it is not balanced it made a bright blow out. if access to the negative is attained you could probably burn it in and balance the image. Again though this is my opinion based on what I have seen. I could be wrong! But I do not have access to the original. What do you think? Would love to know some other opinions… Because I want this to be real!

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  1. Brian says:

    I agree with the “light blowout” theory. If you look toward the bottom of the pew, the legs and feet are quite obviously there (without the light issue).

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