Is This a Picture of a ghost From The Stanley Hotel?

I have been looking at this picture now for a couple of weeks and it has me perplexed… For the life of me I can’t find any definitive reason why this is not a fake. But can not prove that is real… This is one of the serious issues facing us in the paranormal investigation field now. When it comes to visual evidence it is almost near impossible to prove anything. The same tools we use to debunk are also the same tools used to create fakes… Go figure… You can see the image here on Imgur

Image from Imgur

Another crazy thing about it is the in the story… I too have heard of the girl in the pink dress. But like many have said in the reddit forum about the image, there is nor real documented evidence about the little girl and the events taking place. It reminds me of a theory once presented to me about if many people in a location hear a story about a possible spirit that could be created and manifest it self on others. Also that if many people believe that a specific spirit exists, other spirits will pretend to be said spirit for attention. I don’t really know it’s just crazy… Here is the story from one of the people who was there when the image was taken…

Over the weekend, about 15 coworkers and myself had our company trip to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, known for being Stephen King’s inspiration for “The Shining”. We took an 8pm ghost tour, where we joined about 15 other people to get guided around the property and told stories about it’s history and creepy things that are said to have happened. We were told to take lots of pictures, I’m sure to try and capture orbs or ghosts. Many green orbs were caught in pictures, but I don’t think anything is as creepy as this photo taken by my coworker- a little girl in a hot pink dress, who was definitely not on our tour. And apparently years ago, a young girl (12-13) by the name of Lucy was squatting in the basement of the concert hall (which is where this photo was taken), and discovered upon plans to begin some construction. She was forced to leave, the night got below freezing, and she froze to death. Everyone on my tour has vouched that this girl was not on our tour (who wouldn’t remember someone wearing that hot pink?). The man pictured is our tour guide- no one would have been in front of him. I am convinced this is the ghost of Lucy. Just one more added note, though I doubt if anyone would believe me, but there was only ONE time throughout the tour where I felt any strange energy or feeling, and it was right here, heading down to the basement of the concert hall.

I have been looking and going over this image now for 10 days and really have nothing… I have not found an app, with the female ghostly image (Not saying there is not one) nor one that can make it set up that well in the image. If this is a spirit, it would seem to be residual falling in to the stone tape theory. It is a theory that says some places capture “recordings” of events, and that when they are somehow energized, the events “replay” adnauseum.

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