Is This a Ghost floating across a room

In this video there is a  haunting white figure that appears in front of a white wall before floating towards the camera… Paranormal investigators captured the eerie footage last month and believe the spook is a woman in her 60s.


A medium Ian Griffiths, said: “I could see a woman with dark hair in a bun. She had a white flowing dress that looked like it was from the Victorian era. There was a circle of light where she appeared from, I think this was the energy the spirit appeared from before vanishing again. I believe she was a 65-year-old lady called Margery who worked as a maid.”

The paranormal researchers investigated Gresley Old Hall, an infamous haunted house in Swadlincote, Derbys… The spooky 15th century building regularly hosts ghost hunts.

Again no research sources were offered or claimed and I can not vouch for any of this… I have heard that they regularly tell the story of a maid that passed in the Victorian era on the tour, so it would make a convenient explanation for the anomaly on the video… What do you think?

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  1. Grace salt says:

    More of info about the ghost haunting the old hall in church Gresley

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