Rock Radio and More Presents -The AYMERICH Show: The Room

I want to apologize in advance for this horrific movie that Christina, Josh and Will are reviewing today. The Room is one of the most asinine films ever created. The Room is a 2003 American independent romantic drama film starring, written, directed, and produced by Tommy Wiseau. The film is primarily centered on a melodramatic love triangle among an amiable banker named Johnny (Wiseau), his deceptive future wife Lisa (Juliette Danielle), and his conflicted best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). A significant portion of the film is dedicated to a series of unrelated subplots, most of which involve at least one supporting character and are unresolved due to the film’s inconsistent narrative structure. In an interview, included as a special feature on the DVD of the film, Wiseau briefly describes the title as alluding to the potential of a room to be the site of both good and bad events; according to Sestero, the stage-play script from which the film’s script is derived took place in a single room… Ross Morin, an assistant professor of film studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, United States, described The Room to Entertainment Weekly as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”.  A number of publications have labeled it as one of the worst films ever made.  Originally shown only in a limited number of California theaters, The Room quickly became a cult film due to its bizarre and unconventional storytelling and various technical and narrative flaws. Although Wiseau has retrospectively characterized the film as a black comedy, audiences have generally viewed it as a poorly-made drama, a viewpoint supported by some of the film’s cast

To wash this turd out of our mouths we also decided to give you a lighter and less painful review… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 1990 American superhero action comedy film directed by Steve Barron, based on the comic book characters of the same name. Released on March 30, 1990, the film presents the origin story of Splinter and the Turtles, the initial meeting between them, April O’Neil and Casey Jones, and their first confrontation with The Shredder and his Foot Clan. The film stars Judith Hoag, Elias Koteas, and the voices of Brian Tochi, Robbie Rist, Josh Pais and Corey Feldman as the four title characters… When the New York City Police Department is unable to stop a severe crime wave caused by the Foot Clan, four mutated turtles — Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael come forth to save the city. Under the leadership of mutated rat, Splinter, and together with their new-found allies April O’Neil and Casey Jones, they fight back and take the battle to The Shredder. The film kept very close to the dark feel of the original comics, and is a direct adaptation of the comic book storyline involving the defeat of Shredder, with several elements also taken from the 1987 TV series that was airing at the time, such as April being a news reporter, and the turtles having different-colored masks, as opposed to the uniform red masks of the comic.

The film became the highest-grossing independent film of all time, as well as the ninth-highest-grossing film worldwide of 1990 and the most successful film in the series until the 2014 reboot. It was followed by two sequels, entitled The Secret of the Ooze in 1991 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III in 1993.


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