UFO Over Oklahoma City…

This video has been floating around on the net for a couple of days… I don’t know what to say about it. Amazing how every human in history that was recording a once in a life time video of extra terrestrial technology, seem to stop recording as the video gets interesting… Truly a big mystery… Much larger than the UFO mystery in of itself. Still when I saw this I though there was something off… Here look for yourself.


Here is the original Facebook post.  CLICK HERE There is so much hype in this original post, that it also made me feel like this was a hoax. Then I saw the following…


Which is full of shit! Why? Well the event in question is in Oklahoma City and these skydivers are in Arizona… Dude not even in a flat Earth scenario would you even be able to see them that far away. It’s this type of BS misinformation that makes it hard to investigate.

Now my take on the event. Could this be a UFO? Well by definition it is, because it is unidentified and its a flying object. is it from outer space? Um yeah! But here you go. If you are old enough to remember the video of the Space Shuttle Colombia falling apart on its way back to Earth. This is very similar. In my humble opinion t could be either space junk, which I doubt it is because it would have to be one hell of a large satellite. Although it could be a space rock in big chunks flying down (Meteors). My point is that the sensationalism kind has to be turned a notch down. There still needs to be a lot of reasonable possibilities that need to be debunked before we can scream “ALIENS!”  DOn’t get me wrong I believe they are out there. I also do subscribe to the Ancient Alien theories. But, unlike what you see on TV, not all sightings are from outer space.



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