Jesse Duplantis Wants A Plane…

All around fucking scumbag, thief and popular televangelist Jesse Duplantis apparently wants a new toy. The Louisiana-based preacher recently asked his thousands of followers to make donations out to him for the express purpose of purchasing a $54 million private jet. The moocher err preacher Duplantis explained that God wanted him to have the plane, as he needs it to spread the Christian message around the globe as effectively as possible. Apparently television, books, radio and the internet are not as good as they used to be anymore…

“Now some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet, to get this gospel preached to the world,” he the “Man of The Cloth” said. Yet, When it comes to actually paying for the private jet, God apparently made it clear that wasn’t his responsibility. Duplantis claims God told him: “Jesse, I didn’t ask you to pay for it. I asked you to believe for it.” Whatever the fuck… Jesus what the fuck is wrong with you people!!!!???

Jesse Duplantis is famous for preaching what’s commonly known as the “prosperity gospel.” Essentially, this is the idea that religious belief and financial success are directly related, and a person’s wealth is just an expression of God’s will. Don’t scorn the ultra-rich, the thinking goes, they’re obviously just holier and more in touch with God! Yes you read that right…  Judging by Duplantis’ growing fleet of airplanes, not to mention the size of his house (seriously, Google it), he must have generated a boatload of favor with the big guy upstairs, almost at Joel Osteen levels of favor.


Duplantis has been roundly criticized in the media this week, for his blatant attempt to exploit gullible followers into financing the preacher’s extravagant lifestyle. Similar as to what Crefo Dollar did a while back. Given the church’s long history of milking believers for all they’re worth, the story left a bad taste. Critics point out, the idea of a man of God flying around in the lap of luxury is antithetical to the very biblical messages he claims to live by. How “holy” is it to travel by private jet, really? Wouldn’t that money do a lot more good going to a worthwhile charity? Feeding the hungry? Helping the poor?

However, Duplantis doesn’t see it that way. In fact, the fucking sociopath readily compares himself to a modern version of Jesus to justify the controversial jet request:

“I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the earth today he wouldn’t be riding a donkey. Think about that for a minute. He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world.”

It’s not clear how much money has been raised so far, though it’s worth pointing out that this behavior is nothing new from the preacher. This would be Duplantis’ fourth private plane – all paid for by his sheeple brainwashed followers!! He claims this latest plane, the “Falcon 7X”, will allow him to spread the gospel like never before: “We believe in God for a brand new Falcon 7X so we can go anywhere in the world, one stop,” For the love of all that is holy, can’t we just stop these moochers and thieves from using Jesus and God for their own personal financial gain?

Although a couple of days ago amid growing criticism, Duplantis has since backtracked a bit. A newly released video, the asshat babbled to his his followers: “I never raised money for the plane. I put it in our magazine and said believe God with me. There’s a vast difference between ‘believe in God’ and asking for money.” I honestly need somone to explain that shit to me even with my background and studies in theology. You know, if people offer up donations voluntarily, he says he won’t turn them down.

Thankfully many people have not been buying in to hos shit and have been calling him and his followers out. Sadly many in his little cult will fund his desires in the name of Jesus actually believing his line of shit.

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