Dragon*Con 2019

Another Dragon*Con has come to a close, and We already miss all of you. It was a quiet con for most of us at ATL Radio X but still fun. We did few panels and tracks but we got to meets lots of you and have a great time hanging out cosplaying and snacking! This year Will even got out and played a Jason Voorhees on holiday. After a year of rest though We are hoping to be back behind the tables in 2020. But not all where you are used to seeing us. Will, Bruce and Christina do hope to be back in hallowed halls of horror and Xtrax. But we also hope to bring Thë X, RRAM and Sirs and Madams Ent. With all our shows (Yes even WTF Did I Jüst Wätch? Too) to give you the full experience of us and our friends… 2020 will bring a lot of change to our tribe and growth in our business and art. We enjoy sharing it with all of you and hope we can do it again at Con with all of you! This is the sad day of con but it also helps us look back at the time with all of you with fondness. Thank yo for sharing this time at the hometown con with us, it’s always a blast! Also email us for any of the stickers we have left! Now some fun pictures

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