NEW ATL Radio X Merch!

The X is proud to introduce you to our first 2021 product design! All of this talk about the different generations and what we are supposed to be like reminded us that our biggest audience is GEN X. So as a thank you for always listening to us and making us the worlds favorite rock station, we made this just for you! Yup! With our battle cry loud and clear for all to see!! “Whatever”

In case you don’t know all of our shirts are made with the best materials afforded to us and our drink ware is high quality and the image WILL NOT FADE for many years to come. We made all the items as affordable as we could to make sure you can get one if you want in these crappy times.

As always THANK YOU for always supporting us. Many have asked for something new since you can’t afford the prices of the artwork! So we hope this is something you can do to spread the word of where you listen to your favorite music! As we said on our show there is more to come!!! Stickers and another design. Before I forget we opened the flood gates to all of our older designs too!! Yup if there was an old shirt or design you liked get it now while you can! Just Click A Link Below!

Whatever – Men and Women Apparel

Whatever – Mugs

All The Old Designs

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