The Specter of Newby Church. A.K.A The Newby Monk

This is an image I have seen in almost every ghost book I have ever read throught the years. Its an image that is dubious at best for me. Well honestly not just me, when Reverend K.F. Lord took this photo in 1963 inside the Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England, it was met with skepticism: many believed the apparition was merely the result of a well-done double exposure. I believe that myself…

The Monk

Lord maintained that the ghost in the photo wasn’t doctored. I honestly don’t believe that. It just seems too staged. It leaves me many questions, biggest being why is the monks face covered? Who knows? What is your opinion? – Will

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  1. BG Entertainment says:

    It’s the face that makes me skeptical about this. I agree, why is it covered?

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