Thank You

We just wanted to spend a little time and give you a big thank you for coming out and seeing us at all of our events in 2021. This year has been unique and just as strange as 2020. We finally got out of the house back to seeing each other face-to-face and noticing the world was completely different as how we left it, that made for some very different moments at our events. We thought it would just be wearing our masks and everything would be the same way, but that was not the case. We were in smaller rooms at mini events and if we were in the bigger rooms the number of people in the room were limited, and some of events didn’t even have a a room for us to do our panel in! We were in the open area with all the public and that was actually very cool and challenging considering we had to be louder and more animated. At those events we got to meet many of you for the first time, and you got to experience Christina and I doing our thing for the very first time as well. Creeping you out with stories of UFOs and ghosts.

Investigation prep for a coffee shop

From what we are understanding 2022 is going to be a lot of the same of 2021. More events will be happening (Thank God) since the public now feels more confident about holding events and how to do them safely, but it will still be with utmost caution. Many of the things we don’t like about the new real world we live in are going to be in place. These events will be with limited number of people in conference rooms, limited total access to events, having to wear masks and a lot of other protective measures that we are now very used to. Still if you haven’t been to an event or a major convention, the experience is a shock to the mind, it is very in your face how different the world is now. so be prepared for it! Don’t let that stop you from visiting us on The Terror Tour 2022!!

Yes that’s what I said tour 2022!! Christina and I will be doing many new and old events in 2022! We will be hitting some of our regular ones like DragonCon and Scarefest as is planned for the moment. We also have Midsouth Con in Memphis in the works. Also some smaller events in Atlanta & Nashville are in the works for 2022 as well. Part of the the bigger plans for 2022 are to do events outside of the south east and if all goes well internationally, so cross your fingers and we’ll see if we can get this ball rolling again like it was in 2019. Thank you all for coming to the short very smaller than average tour in 2021 which is still better than no tour during 2020! I hope that you keep listening to the special K & A Show broadcasts for the remainder of 2021 as well as ATL Radio X and that you have an amazing time during this great and I hope amazing holiday season for all of you! Thank you and always get off my lawn! – Will (With sincere gratitude from Christina as well)

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