Military Ghost Image…

It’s an overcast day here in Atlanta, GA , that means it is time to dig in to the box of possible paranormal images… This from the person that submitted the image…

“I had this photograph taken about 22 years ago, it may be of some interest to you with regards to a headless ghost in an army coat. If you can find out any information regarding any details of this ghostly apparition in the photograph I would appreciate it.”

What do you think?
For me this image does not take too much investigation…Since I do not have much history on the location or the people involved I would automatically discount this image without expert analysis from a lab… Why? Because of the equipment that was used to capture it… This was taken with a 110 camera using 110 film… Even though there did exist high quality 110 cameras that shot good images on the small film. Many did have a horrible reputation for not fully advancing the film or stripping gears in the winding mechanism. Looking at this image I could not in good conscience declare this a paranormal image without having the actual negatives to see the frames surrounding the image in question and looking for tell-tell signs of possible camera failure…

110 Film

Interested in your thoughts! I hope all of you have an amazing Holiday! See you all here on Thursday evening 😉 – Will

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  1. This is one of those instances where I really really want to believe that this is an apparition of a soldier or someone from that era. Without the inspection of the actual negatives as you said, it is impossible to be 100% sure. I am 35 and used this type of film as a kid, I have had instances where film was exposed, not wound enough, and light could always be an issue with cameras and film back then. I hope the photo is authentic, but the doubt will always be there without proof.

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