Is This a Ghost or Emma Watson?

(NOTE: Since I first wrote this much more has come out about the image… I have edited the blog for space and also because I really do not want anyone to believe I am not respecting the work of other teams and investigators. In my opinion we are all trying and at different stages of the field. I am honestly not sure who released this image first, so please DO NOT assume that anyone mentioned was the producer of the image. )

Looky here is 2015 and I have not made a post till today! I hate to say it but it has been because life got in the way as usual… But today I had to make a comment on an image I saw on Facebook this morning… Highland Ghosts shared an image that was originally posted by Whispers beyond The Grave (I am not sure if the were the first to release this image!) … Although I have been told by many that the picture has been making the rounds now for some weeks. Either way I really can’t keep quiet about it.  The following is the information attached to the picture from each group…

What do you see?

Highland Ghosts“This very interesting photo has been doing the rounds over the last few days. What do you all think, could this be a ghostly figure or could this be a very clever edit?”

Whispers Beyond The Grave“The floor in the room in which the girl is standing in Gwrych Castle collapsed many years before, so the figure is not that of a visitor to the castle. Some researchers believe the figure is that of the Winifred Cochrane, the Countess of Dundonald.”

There you have it… What do you think?

Normally I would reserve my opinion and or comment and let you all reply but today I can not. After a labor intensive three minutes tops! I saw the tell-tale signs of photoshop with lack of feathering and pixel matching… Now many other people as well as myself also believe that is the face of Emma Watson that has been pasted on a drawn body. Then with more digital enhancement made to fit the tone and color temperature of the original image. But I do have to give the benefit of the doubt that we can also be dealing with a real person or spirit with a lot of glass artifacts. She is standing behind a window. The information from Whispers makes the image more interesting and spooky… Why is there no images of the floor though? Why is the image soft focus like a UFO and Bigfoot picture? There is no excuse for this anymore with camera technology now…

Aside from all of that my main issue with this image is that as investigators we should not be sharing these images to the broad public when they can be torn apart so easily. I know we all collect evidence that we can’t really figure out and we want assistance in proving or debunking it. Putting it out there in the open for all is not the proper way though. This is when we should be using our network of investigators and asking them to help. (YES I MEAN OTHER TEAMS AND INVESTIGATORS) Simple errors are what have been giving the field a bad reputation as of late. Too many coming with strong opinions about evidence and little proof to back it up. Teams being greedy about their evidence and locations to chase fame and popularity. Not to mention those claiming all possible claims of the paranormal as demonic and using proven false evidence as fact. No one in this field should be jumping to assumptions of proof positive! I have many things that I can’t figure out in my archives! Trust me before I put it out there for many of you to tear it apart, I have already ran it through many trusted investigators and let them have their chance at it. In this field we are not in a place of solid yes and no or right or wrong… The only thing I know is that there is something out there…

Now I don’t want to give any one investigator or team a bad name here.  I am sure, they are wanting help or have some good fun with something they found. But unless you are wanting to teach about hoaxing or the science of our brain hearing and seeing things that are not there. (As I do with many images I post here) Please run the evidence through serious testing before asking the public for their opinion. Also show all the findings on evidence you and the other teams/investigators gathered  as well…


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