Could This Picture Be Proof of The Ghost of King Richard III ?

Ahem… Look at this picture before I continue…

Really? A fu*^in image on a stone slab!?! This is matrixing at best! If it’s just not photo manipulation… The “spooky” pictures were taken in Leicester Cathedral by medium and psychic artist Christine Hamlett, 58, who is convinced she sensed the murdered monarch’s presence in the historic building… Richard, who has often been vilified in history, was re-interred there in March after his remains were discovered nearby in 2012.

Even though on my social media feeds I do repost some of this English click bait jibberish to keep you all readingand interested, I have a confession to make… I am getting sick of all of this English B.S. click bait. Junk like this is NO PROOF of the paranormal and is just fanatics stretching lore to validate what they believe to be truth. It’s stuff like this put out as evidence that truly hurts the field…. Proof is going to be hard to collect and very unbelievable when first seen… Now-a-days most good evidence is explained as fraud and special effects by untrained eyes and ears because it is that hard to believe… When I see evidence like this I just really get upset… A basic question should come to mind, if the spirit has energy to manifest, move items and have a voice? Why the hell would it want to just be an image on a slab of rock? Especially If once a king… Also has anyone considered since this was put there in March, that someone may have even it designed it to look this way on purpose? I mean, are we that naive?

I promise I won’t rant like this often and I will try to reduce the click bait articles on the feed… I just had to get this off my chest though…

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  1. I agree, you can see faces etc in stones, flooring, wood, trees, etc without it being the paranormal.

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