Today… The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

First THE GOOD… I want to thank all of you today for your amazing birthday wishes… They mean a ton to me and truly humble me to the core… It is a very special thing to have many of you care about me enough to take time, give me a thought and wish me well… It may seem kind of odd to see things that way to many of you but it is true. That is why I take time and try to think every single one of you. I know I may have missed some of you and I am sorry. It is hard to keep up with so many, but know I did see the post and THANK YOU!!! All of them put a smile on my face! Birthdays are a mixed bag for me. I don’t like getting older, but it is so fun celebrating with loved ones and friends. Feeling the love is just a great thing!!

Now THE BAD AND UGLY… Towards the end of the day, the bad news about Debby and Mark Constantino came out and rocked the paranormal investigation community… My heart is broken and aching. Some years back I had the pleasure of interviewing them on the radio with Jessica Johns… I remember it was a very fun call and a highlight of my time back then… A part of me is praying this is a bad hoax, but it has been confirmed and is not… I know many of you are thinking if this is some sort of possession or demonic thing, and as much as I can’t say yes or no and a part of me would like to find an out for Mark, the fact is domestic abuse is real and a horrible thing and it is clearly what happened. Like I said it breaks my heart…

Talking with old friends in the field today, many good memories were mentioned. Others mentioned some more recent events that has them very pained. I Spoke with Jessica and remembered the interview and the good ‘ol days. Trying to piece together some of the information. Then with other friends in the paranormal who were close to them and hit the con circuit with them like I did. Really we were silent and stunned… For them like me, they were a help and supporters in out early days. Teaching us as they grew as well… Then thankfully before it got i got in a bad place, Christina got me to think of the good things and puppies!

Tomorrow I am going to speak about this some on the show. But I will not dwell on it. I want us to remember the good things and not judge. Many of us don’t know what was happening and going on. We can only assume… This does not take away what happened nor does it justify it, but the only thing we can do is bring attention to domestic violence and try to prevent it from ever happening again to anyone we love and care for… After I post this I am going to lock myself in to prayer and send all the well wishes and goodness out that I can so that all of us hurt can heal. I hope you can take some time and send a prayer and good thought as well…

Good night… – W.

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  1. Lala Simon says:

    Happy birthday!

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