Phone Calls From The Dead…

Another mysterious phenomenon that seems closely related to EVPs is called, “Phone Calls From The Dead”. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have reported being on the receiving end of a telephone call that appears to have come from a deceased relative, friend, or (more rarely) even from someone not directly known by the recipient in life. The communication is usually simple and brief, and it is nearly almost always a one time event although there seem to have been exceptions to almost every rule one might try to apply to the phenomenon... The telephone seems the least likely thing you’d associate with the supernatural, but over the years, there have been literally hundreds of reports of ghosts ringing up people…,rrkgfgfdftddgrsxsrgdtkrkgqt,vi/rkktrfgfsxrfgbbsgssxbsfsskdbq/0/41830/13723359/bWwQ8MxFL__SY344_BO1204203200_-vi.jpg

Many cases from all over the world have been documented in books, magazines and newspaper articles. The first (and only ?) book totally devoted to this intriguing subject was published in 1979 by Prentice-Hall. It’s called Phone Calls From The Dead, and it was written by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless. They were parapsychologists, psychic investigators, and authors of numerous books dealing with a variety of paranormal topics. They heard about their first case involving a “phantom phone call” in 1967 and soon began a thorough search of the literature available at that time. Finding just enough bits and pieces to confirm the phenomenon and pique their curiosity for more, they began actively soliciting case reports through magazine articles as well as through other personal connections. After several years of developing and investigating leads, they wrote a book that I think stands as one of the most unique, fascinating, and truly significant works ever to be produced by paranormal investigators… Phone Calls From The Dead contains dozens of well documented cases from credible sources. Often the phone call in question was witnessed by more than one person. Once for example, two people on different phones in the house apparently conversed simultaneously with a deceased individual. In other cases, one person answered the phone then turned it over to someone else whom the phantom caller asked to speak with. The following are some cool cases recorded about the phenomena…,rrkgfgrfgbfgfwfxsrgdtkrkgqt,vi/tdtrwsqfxkkrqfkbdtxwdttffqkw/0/41830/13723359/james_byrne-vi.jpg

In 1995, a radio station in Liverpool, England featured a medium named James Byrne who came on a phone-in show each week. Mr Byrne was a psychic who claimed he could convey messages from the next world, and was a very popular guest. In fact he was so popular, callers would jam the switchboard at the station whenever he was on air. One woman named Mrs Wilson of Ellesmere Port rang the radio station, desperate to get in touch with James Byrne because her grandfather had died a year ago and she wanted to know if he had any messages for her. Unfortunately, Mrs Wilson couldn’t get through to the medium because the lines were jammed solid, and so she just sat back and listened to Mr Byrne on the radio show. Around 10 o’clock that night, just as the News At Ten news program was starting, Mrs Wilson’s phone rang. The woman answered the call, and a familiar, but distant-sounding voice said, ‘Look love, I’m all right. It’s great over here; I’m with your Grandmother and all the other nice people who have passed on.’ Mrs Wilson was naturally astounded, for she recognized that the caller was her late grandfather. ‘Granddad – is that you?’ she muttered. Her legs felt weak she told us. ‘Yeah love. Now listen: stop living in the past and reminiscing. Go forward. I’m still around looking over you. I’ve got to go now love. Give my love to the kids. Bye.’ said the old man’s voice and it faded away until Mrs Wilson could just hear the purring tone of the phone. Mrs Wilson wondered if someone was perpetrating a sick joke, so she dialled 1471 on the phone in order to get the caller’s number. But the automated voice on the line quoted Mrs Wilson’s own number. In other words, the call had originated from her own telephone. Mrs Wilson had no extension, and was therefore convinced that her grandfather had somehow called her from beyond the grave to let her know he was okay.

The following video and another great event about Phone Calls From The Dead… The late EVP researcher Sarah Estep narrates a recording where 3 separate people received phone calls from the dead EVP researcher Konstantine Raudive.

Although the book doesn’t attempt to answer all the challenging questions which naturally arise from their research, they did present some interesting phenomenological conclusions. Quoting directly from the 1980 Berkley edition of the book: “…as our work continued, we discovered that just about all of our cases have fallen into one of three basic and very different categories:

1. Apparent phone calls from the dead: . . .the witness receives a call, usually brief from a person who has just recently died or who has been dead for some time. Occasionally the person receiving the call does not know at that time that the caller is dead and believes he/she is talking to a living person.

2. Intention cases: The witness usually receives an urgent message by phone from a friend or relative, or even from an unknown individual who explains that he is placing the call for the former. Later, the witness learns that the friend never made the call, although he or she thought intently about doing so. The phone voice will often mimic that of a living person perfectly. However, a few witnesses have described these voices as “mechanical” or “drunk sounding”, although this was rare.

3. Answer cases: Rarely, the witness himself places the call and carries out a conversation with a person whom he later discovers either (a) was dead at the time the call was placed or (b) could not possibly have been home to receive it. . . . By far, the vast majority of the cases we have collected fall into the first category.”

Is it possible that the vast network of telephone wires and associated electrical industry can somehow be tapped into and made use of by “spirits” of the deceased or “beings from other dimensions”? After all, the telephone is now so deeply ingrained within our psyche as being a normal and natural means of communication that perhaps the archetypal symbology of “telephone” has now carried over…,rrkgfgfdgdbwdwqxsrgdtkrkgqt,vi/rkktrfgfsxgswssqrtxwstbrdkqb/0/41830/13723359/creepy_phone-vi.png

Recently a story I found on Reddit, an operator from a non-profit in Chile dialed a number and spoke to a man who identified himself as Mr. Gonzalo. The conversation was unremarkable and ended when Mr. Gonzalo said he’d have to check with his wife about making a donation. (Yeah apparently wife approval never ends) The operator called back a few days later and Mrs. Gonzalo answered. When the wife learned the operator had spoken to Mr. Gonzalo she was shocked. Why? Mr. Gonzalo had died in a traffic accident 14 months earlier. The audio for both calls is in the video attached, they are in Spanish. What do you make of the event?


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