Okay I am sitting here with my Coke Zero and this video pops up in my news feed… The title catches my attention and I figured WTF? Why not give it a watch and a listen… Sadly this is sort of misleading… The image on the video is an old Shack Hack reading 99.9 upside down and a tarot card of the devil… What you get though is a very clear and slow ITC session… Many want to point to that fact as proof of it being a fake video, I have to disagree, I have had them run that slow and have gotten communication. BUT NEVER! have I seen anyone get this much communication at that slow of a rate. Yes there is radio bleed, but the concept is to listen to what is said over the sweep breaks. There is a lot in this session, many that the videographer misses…

There is a lot of content in this video and I am curious as to your opinions on it. Especially if you are a researcher and watch the whole video and have had ITC experiences. Sadly I am not a fan of the misleading title, but this is an interesting session… he does try to contact the devil and he is apparently guided by the spirits to him. But honestly it is hard to say who is really in communication with.  Here is the description from the video host Beyond The Veil … ENJOY!

My name is Daniel…. what you are about to watch is REAL proof and evidence of other worldly entity’s… I managed to get hold of a spirit box a few months ago, now, after some time getting no results I finally managed to break through the veil and have gathered evidence of a paranormal supernatural intelligence that can be communicated using the device.  At this time it is questionable as to what this intelligence is, spirits, aliens, demons, we do not know but whatever it is has the ability to respond to questions. The spirit box using radio frequencies to communicate which the entities are somehow able to manipulate to give intelligent responses.

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