The K & Å Show: Christina Discusses Eastern State Penitentiary

Sorry for the delay between podcasts but this season has been a hard one for Christina and Will. When things start to get good in 2019 life seems to always creep in and make a mess. Still they love entertaining you with their adventures and today Christina has one for you! In the previous week on her job Christina had the opportunity to go visit the Eastern State Penitentiary. She tells us about the tour there and some of the cool history. Will did not have much other than he went to see KISS play their final show in Atlanta with Jesse, which you can see of you go to the ÅTL Radio X Facebook page so not much os said here about it. They also talk about some cool new science news and politics. So sit back with your glass of wine and or coffee this Easter week and enjoy the show!

Don’t forget you can catch more shows and listen to some AMAZING Rock! on Christina & Will’s Radio Station ÅTL Radio X (Thë X) CLICK HERE to listen or go up to the “Listen Live” on the menu to find other options on how to listen! Coming soon! More Coffee and NEW Swag!

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