‘Tis Almost The Season!

Can you feel it in the air!? The Holiday Season is almost upon us!! As usual we at ÅTL Radio X are ready come out and play with you all! This season we have a whole slew of programming ready to share with all of you! Look for the following!

  • Rock & Roll Holiday Music ON EVERY HOUR
  • Crazy Fun Holiday Movie Trailers!
  • Holiday Specials from Christina & Will
  • Fun Holiday Grindhouse Movie Reviews

KEEP LISTENING and Join us for all the fun the Holiday season brings us!


Listen To Thë X LIVE on Live365 – http://player.live365.com/a15683

If Not in The USA Listen to Thë X LIVE on Radio Garden – https://radio.garden/listen/atl-radio-x/yaZcAsee

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