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It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. I feel like I just started this adventure just yesterday. ÅTL Radio X started as the extension of the project Christina and I begun at Dragon*Con many years ago and has now evolved in to the core and home base to all of the projects. That was not what we had in mind for it to become when we started this station. Honestly when I began the project secretly I was wondering if I would be alive to see it still running by the end of the year. Well here it is, alive and well two years older and growing! Oh and yeah I am still alive! It’s a great thing to see this happening.

2020 has some new adventures and big plans in the works. First of all Thë X will now have a new city in its register, Nashville, TN will be on file in Jan. The city will never be the same I can assure you! Just like Memphis in time we will leave our mark! Another big event will be the formal release of “Shadows Of The Past” a film project that has been in the works for over a year now and we can not wait to let all of you see it. Joe has been crafting the footage together and it is a beautiful treat for the eyes so far. We will have on here for all of you to see and hopefully download. We will let you know whats up when it’s ready

As all of you know 2019 had all of us on the road and in events and 2020 will be the same but with a lighter event load due to new secret project. For the moment the tentative dates for our 2020 Terror Tour are listed below. There will be other events added and sadly some removed due to the filming schedule. There will also be some NON-paranormal events added.

BTW the playlist for January 2020 is up and spinning!! There is a lot of new music and great classics on rotation! New vinyl treats too! As requested by many of you X ãt Nïght has been loaded with some classic jazz from the vinyl collection too. Miles and Coletrane are back as well as some of the other masters. It is good to know that you all liked that touch of class to the rotation and not matter how odd it gets at time we promise never to remove them again.

Thank you all for making 2019 a wonderful year for Thë X. None of this could have happened without you sharing us with you loved ones and friends. Keep it up! Let’s make 2020 amazing and better than ever! We can’t wait to see all of you soon!

Don’t forget you can catch more shows and listen to some AMAZING Rock! On ÅTL Radio X (Thë X) CLICK HERE to listen or go up to the “Listen Live” on the menu to find other options on how to listen! Coming soon! More Coffee and NEW Swag!

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