March Playlist

Wow we are in to March already! 2020 has been pretty fast so far. But we are on top of it! Okay to clear the air, Christina and Athena are safe and sound here in Atlanta. Thank God they were not in Nashville when the tornado hit. Still out thoughts and well wishes are with the people of Nashville during these hard times. On our social media we will be posting links to where you can help and send aid.

The new playlist for March is already spinning. It is a melange of Classic, New and Mellow ROCK with some 60’s style pop Jazz mixed in for some good measure. This months playlist is inspired by my feeling about everything that has been happening in my life recently. Many of the events that have been highlighting 2020 for me has been really bringing back lots of flashbacks of my past. Even small things like going to a store to hit the stacks for records have had me drive in to a place that was so relevant in my past and my memories just flood with some pure delightful bliss. Yeah I know it’s nostalgia and all the bad has been polished off. Still that is the beauty of music. Sometimes you can just float off in the good.

If you are bold I highly recommend listening to X Ät Night after 8pm (est) where you get the good mix of Hard, Mellow Rock and Jazz… It is a unique experience that many old listeners say is awesome! I kinda like it too! Go to the menu above click “Listen Live” and pick a platform to listen that is best for you! Trust me YOU WILL LOVE Thë X

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