Well It’s About Damn Time!!

Well guys I am here and getting ready to share my artwork with all if you! It’s been a while since I have really talked art and created any, but since we are all on a pause I thought what better time than now to do it. Right now while I have the time I have been cleaning up and fixing some of the old work that I have and have retained the rights to. Sadly much of my old work is still in the hands of some publishers and it has been hard to get shared rights and permission from some of them. Other works are lost and too damaged to work on from the negatives so I am still looking for good prints and dubs to work off of. It has been a challenge but a fun one.

What I have now are some of the most popular images I found on my trip down memory lane. Some from my old expositions from X-PO and Latin American Expressions. As well as some personal works. I also have an image that was used in many local advertisements in the 90’s. All of them restored to what they looked like in their original forms and displays. This is just the beginning and I hope you all enjoy and support this endeavor and trip. and BUY! BUY! BUY! – Will

You can buy WILL’S Artwork HERE!

COMING SOON: Christina’s ART Store

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