During COVID-19, Radio Should Be Bigger Than Ever, Why Isn’t It?

This is sad but true. Radio should be booming, but it is not. Many of these issues, that you will see in the linked article, even affect Thë X. I wish I had the money to Make Thë X a local station broadcasting over the airwaves with some DJ’s to entertain you throughout the day. But alas that is not the case, funds are tight and the donations are slim. Especially now! The type of radio I grew up with and fell in love with was something magical. The personalities would pump you up with energy all day long. You could see and meet them at local events. Of course there were the giveaways! Everyone would call in and show up for those. I remember on 9/11 the personalities were a familiar comfort while informing me of the tragedy unfolding. As odd as that sounds it was true. Radio felt like a part of life and it was not hounding you to inform you like these 24 hour news cycles and news pages. It was something that would be in the background to entertain, yet also to inform when something was off be it weather, local traffic and local or national news. Now everything seems more intense and forceful to get to you and scream what it has to tell you. Its not personal at all on any level or even fakes it. As well if not on a specific news/talk station it WILL NOT BE LOCAL AT ALL! Not to mention the talk will be biased on any political side.

In a a time when major corporations are homogenizing all radio to a National level and only specific styles of music. I wanted Thë X to be unique. To grow in to something more local Broadcasting terrestrial, Streaming and also showcasing podcasts. Non biased of course so all can feel welcome and comfortable. I also choose to make the music rock (a style that is fading from popularity) but also play all eras and styles of rock as well as blues and some guilty pleasures of course. As well as use Tape, CD and vinyl when I could. I did not start the station with the idea of being a old style station, but as it grew with listeners, I was hoping it would grow to the bigger concept in time.

Some years back myself and some friends tried a similar idea on a streaming only platform but without many people getting the word out that we existed and social media starting to find ways to profit with expensive advertisement it became hard to grow. That’s not to say they were failures, yes some of the stations did crash but with adjustments a couple have grown. But not to how they were intended to be. Seeing this failure of my beloved radio I am going to hold fast to my dream of being something more to the community in the future. I will take this time to and more if need be to look over and make adjustments to get there. But it will also require YOU the listener to do you r part. I am not talking about buying swag and donating. (That does help and you can find the links above) What I mean is also going out of your way to share a link on social media and spread the word even over lunch at work or dinner. Tell your friends who also like rock or live in our central broadcast areas that we are here and link to our social media and be informed and entertained. You can listen to us all over the planet! We go with you.

I know now you are asking “Will where is the coming from?” Recently Rolling Stone magazine put out an article In a Crisis, Radio Should Be Bigger Than Ever — So Why Isn’t It? By Samantha Hissong that is in-depth about why radio is failing at a time that people need it. It is a painful read when you love radio like I do. Radio was supposed to be more than a place for conservative talk and musical entertainment. I believe in the years past with technology It has been forgotten and tried to compete in a place where it does not truly belong. It was for the masses, comfort and more. Hopefully it could get back to that in time.. I know I will try to do my part in my style. – Will

Again to read the Article that got me thinking by Samantha Hissong on Rolling Stone CLICK HERE

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