WOW! It’s November 2020! Now for some 2021 Plans!

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over. I feel like It just started 10 years ago. As many of you already know, ÅTL Radio X/ Thë X started as the extension of the project Christina and I begun at Dragon*Con many years ago and has now evolved in to the core and home base to all of the projects we do. That was not what we had in mind for it to become when we started this station. Honestly when I began the project secretly I was wondering if I would be alive to see it still running by the end of the year. Well here it is, alive and well three years older and despite all 2020 has tried to do, STILL growing!

2020 has concluded for Christina and I when it comes to events. I did my final scheduled event in Oct. with the ghost tour in Senoia, GA. Sadly in 2020 most of our planned events had been cancelled and we did not get to meet all of you! But don’t fret we are back at work and have some events already planned for 2021. Already on the agenda is a return to Dragon*Con!! Yes we did it virtual in 2020 BUT we should be back Alive and rocking it for all of you in Fall 2021. We will also be on the tour in Senoia doing a “Workshop”/Tour with all of you! You will also find us there doing some investigating!! Yeah so be ready for that. Events will be slow for us in 2021 though since we will also be working on a couple of other major projects which may hopefully come out in 2021 but we shall see COVID-19 did mess up a lot of plans for the long run. As you all know by now some other projects were had to be put down but we had so much on the burner that we did not lose too much. Keep your eyes open though we will have events going on and hopefully Memphis & Nashville will be on the map for us like we had planned!

One do have one thing for 2020 though! Christina and I did leave you all a tease of our up coming book in the collection of true Ghost Stories in Sally Toole’s collective “Stirring Spirits” We should have it up for you to purchase in about a week or so. The First edition though will only be available for a limited time if you take the Ghost Tour in Senoia, GA!! GO DO IT!

Also raided the old CD and Cassette collection and added some old classic tunes that many of you have been requesting. Don’t forget you can catch more shows and listen to some AMAZING Rock! On  ÅTL Radio X (Thë X) CLICK HERE to listen or go up to the “Listen Live” on the menu to find other options on how to listen! Coming soon! More Coffee and NEW Swag! Thats all for now! Have an amazing couple weeks till Thanksgiving! We will have some more stuff to tell you by then!! – Will

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