‘Tis The Season!

So we reached the end of 2020! Yeah boy it’s The Holiday Season!! Okay I know its not over yet and a shitstorm is still possible. Hell on NYE it may just rotate to 2020.2 (Fuck I Hope Not). Still that does not mean Christina and I are gonna let you wallow in sadness and pure mopey despair. HELL NAW! Even though we did say earlier we would not do the whole Holiday Music thing she persuaded me to go back on that statement. (She has her ways to make me change my mind. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! She can kick my ass) So after some thought to make her happy, it came to my mind to really do this in our loud heavy and strange way!

What we did was compile the most unique Holiday themed songs and music that you do not usually hear on any radio stations and mix it with all the KICK ASS World Class Rock we always spin for you 24/7! All of your favorite shows are still running as well. We did not remove ANYTHING to get this songs on. Radio Uno and The Music Lounge are still running every 90 minutes!

2020 Is a pure piece of shit that we will never forget as long as we live unless something even crappier comes around the bend. Christina and I wanted to make sure that we didn’t add to it and end it with the gloom we are all used to now. We know we didn’t get to see teacher other at events like we had planned to. because of COVID many new podcasts and shows were were put on hold till we can really get our crap in order and get used to the new normal. Well I think we got a grasp of it and I believe she is too, kinda. So here’s to 2021 with all its messed up terms and conditions. We will keeps spinning the best ROCK on earth for you! Hopefully we can all get together and make this pile of crap we are living in, into something better. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Now LET’S ROCK

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