Found Footage

This is a cool post and video from the people I purchase my film from The Film Photography Project They found a few reels of 16mm black and white Kodak movies. Per their description in 1933 Montclair NJ resident Arthur B Holmes shot 3 rolls of 16mm home movies on his Ciné-Kodak camera at the Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, NJ. Michael Raso gives a brief overview of the discovery and the new 2022 4k scan and sound mix by The Film Photography Project.

Uncut footage

For a film geek like me this is some incredible footage. It is rare for film so old to last this long without some serious damage. Many recent films like “Jaws” is so damaged that when it was scanned it was done in fluid to hide some very bad scratches. Other much older films in the silent era had to be restored from many different copies and prints of the movie and then cleaned up on a program. Sadly many films are lost beyond restoration. The fact that home movies like these are around is amazing!

Watch Their films and Learn more from the FPP and read their report FPP FOUND FOOTAGE

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