Dark Glasses: Dario is Back

Dark Glasses is far better than most recent Giallo, like well 2009’s Giallo, it unfortunately doesn’t touch his classics, which I did not expect it to. The man is 82 and does not really need to make grand art anymore. It would be nice if he did have another Suspiria in him though.

If you are an Argento head this movie is a must see. 100% better than his previous “Dracula” it is fun seeing the master come back to his roots of fame. Yet this is so much more grounded in the real world and not as stylish and colorful as his previous work.

I am not going to talk plot or give away any details till I do my podcast review. Yes Asia Argento is here and she is as always a treat to watch. The gore is as always uncomfortable and leering as should be in Giallo, and the police inept. The ingredients are all on the table.

If you are new to Argento this is not the first film you should watch of his. I will also say this should not be your first Giallo as well. Go back to the lassis from the 80s and 70s even early 90s get your start there. But if you are seasoned and you love Argento and his body of work, enjoy this film and watch a man with passion do what he loves….

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