Scarefest: 2022

Here it is the last event of 2022 is upon us. Scarefest in Lexington, KY… We hope you all enjoyed our seminars this year as few as they were. Here in KY we will make sure and make it as fun as always!

We are going to make a bit of an announcement at the event but since the cat is already out of the bag here it is. 2022 has been a transition year for us at The X and as you have seen some of the changes roll out slowly on our social media. As much as we talk about the unknown and high strangeness we have now to also begun to focus on the arts, being that all of us here are also artists. The change will be evident on the air as well with the upcoming roll out of our new store. On the air you will be hearing us talk about the usual stuff but also interviewing artists when we get the chance. At the store you be able to purchase a lot of handmade artisanal and bespoke goods made by us on The X (cement vessels, candles, soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, bath teas, shave balms, painted art work, photo art etc..). We will also be re-releasing some of our books, and visual artworks (photography and paint). Of course in time mugs, stickers and shirts! We will also hopefully be able to showcase some of the artwork made by friends whenever possible. This will be a new business in the ATL Radio X family known as ATL Candle Company. This will be where all the merch will be coming from.

With this new side of the company much of our touring will be slowing down for 2023 but hopefully more fruitful for all when we do wander about. If we can by Sunday at our seminar in Lexington we will have some of our first goodies to sell at a blow looow cost. See you all there! Scarefest here we come!

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