This B.S. In The Paranormal That Grinds My Gears…

This past Saturday I sat down with my Dad and cup of coffee and watched the latest episode of Ghost Adventures. In this episode the GAC crew did not find a single bit of evidence! Shocking I know, my dad even had to complain about it. Truth of the matter is that this is the most honest episode about investigating the paranormal that I have ever seen on any show. This episode also opened the door to allow me to explain why I stopped investigating private residences. Especially after the renter of the supposedly haunted home got on Dave Schrader’s radio show “Darkness Radio” and was not able to answer a single direct question…

If you did not see the episode, it was about a possible demonic haunting in a private residence in the state of Washington. Evidence was supposedly collected of demonic writing on the walls in a bedroom and video of poltergeist activity (which is dubious because you never see the action of objects being thrown, just the audio and aftermath). The team goes in to investigate the claims and get nothing. They do though claim suspicious feelings from the clients. One of the clients in the dark does act quite suspicious towards an investigator on camera which to myself seems more like an act to create more suspicion and mystery, to gain attention. (Fake action) Another odd thing even thought there were supposed witnesses to the events in the home, none would go on camera to validate anything. Even with blacked out faces and disguised voices.

Now many viewers are complaining that they aired an episode with no evidence. To me that is awesome because many shows, when they do not accumulate lots of evidence would begin to stretch anything they capture on audio/videp to come off as honest evidence. GAC didn’t do that. They showed the investigation as it is for most of us, boring and full of nothing. They also did something that is a problem for many of us in the field. They (thankfully) did not disguise the dubious possible motives of the clients. In this field many of us go to cases that are really just attempts at getting attention by clients (For god knows whatever reason). In my years in this field many a time, especially on a private resident case, I have walked in to a home with many claims of paranormal activity and then come out with nothing. Two weeks later I would be called back to even more claims supposedly backed up by evidence from both the client and other paranormal investigators. When I get the evidence is very suspect by the client and easily debunked by the paranormal team. After weeks or months at this I then begin to get badmouthed by the client because I did not validate their claims. The last time this happened to me I did not validate the claims so they (the Client) could have more concrete proof for their book! This and many other reasons is why I stopped going in to private residence investigations without backing of clergy.

Now I know many of you are asking “Why? Aren’t you in this field to help others?” Yes I am… I am here to help those who may have an actual haunting, drug issue or possible mental illness (The latter two being most of the cases). To remove the issue or get them to the professional help they need. NOT to help them get attention so that the local FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC affiliate can come to their home and give them their 15 minutes of fame with their lie. This is something that has been happening too often anymore. People honestly believe if they get a little fame and attention that they can parlay it to some form of income. Guys TV does not pay well if you are just on the screen. Honestly I don’t know of any way to make good money without some form of hard work.

To dire this point even more, on Mondays episode of “Darkness Radio” with Dave Schrader the renter of the said demonic haunted home called in to the show uninvited to clarify most of the questions listeners had about the episode. When asked tough questions he could never answer them directly and just go around in circles with the topic. Again just stir controversy and keep his name out there on the topic. Which, ironically came to light around the same time as the haunted home in Gary, IN? Listen to the whole conversation HERE

I guess this rant has gone on long enough. I just wanted to put to light this bit of BS in the paranormal field that really grinds my gears. As for the GAC episode I bet in a handful of months this guy is going to be hitting the convention circuit selling his book about the haunting with “AS SEEN ON GHOST ADVENTURES” slapped around it… Hopefully Zak does not allow that…Okay I am off now, going to eat my Cuban sandwich and listen to my buddy Sully on the air…

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  1. Kate Tedsen says:

    Well written *rant*. I agree that too many homeowners are making claims of paranormal activity for media attention. However, public locations (so-called haunted resetaurants, bed and breakfasts, historic sites, etc.) are also making false claims for publicity and to pop up their business and profits. Place the word “haunted” before a restaurant, B&B, etc. and business suddenly booms with hosted public ghost hunting events. So, whether residence or business locaiton, it’s all questionable hocus-pocus and up to the investigator to determine the real motive. In my 8+ years of investigating, it becomes apparent rather quickly.

    Then, of course, while we’re pointing fingers at homeowners and business owners, let’s point some fingers at ourselves. Paranormal teams, these days, seem to focus on investigating public locations for the primary purpose of hosting public ghost hunts that will give them media recognition and, in many cases, profit. It’s all become part of the paranormal craze that’s been going on for past 10 years or so.

    I don’t think we should give up on investigating private residences. In fact, those are the people who really need our help. We just need to become more tuned-in to identifying motives and ferret out the media-hungry clients.

    That, of course, goes for paranormal investigators. What is our true motive for searching out unexplained phenomena? To better understand the cause of paranormal phenemena and what happens after we die – or to become the next TV star?

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